Your Auctioneer IS Your Ambassador

Kathy engages a generous bidder

Want to take the risk out of fundraising and catapult your fundraising auction profit?

Consider that professional auctioneers who specialize in benefit and charity auctions are distinctively skilled and committed to serving non profits. They maximize your fundraising.

However, in this new economy, no longer is just selling live auction items enough. A new set of advanced fundraising auctioneer competencies is essential to propel profits and engage supporters. Advancing the mission and connecting the audience to the mission tops this list.

Fundraising Auctioneers must be expert in helping non-profits design and conduct the all important Fund a Need, where revenues often more than double Live Auction proceeds. Auctioneers bring greater value to non-profits with consulting and planning services to assist the Auction Committee to procure the top selling auction items, design the right time line and perform efficient auction logistics.

Non-profits win big when auctioneers can inspire guests to new giving heights by serving as “Ambassador” for their great cause. Here are some tips to ensure that your auctioneer connects guests to your great cause to skyrocket fundraising.

  • Retain a professional auctioneer with expertise in fundraising
  • Expect your Auctioneer to promote your mission
  • Meet with your Auctioneer far before your auction
  • Discuss exactly how to conduct your Fund a Need Appeal
  • Introduce your Auctioneer to top donors and supporters
  • Write talking points about your cause for your Auctioneer
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