Why does Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership matter?

Do you want to take your organization to a dynamic new level?

We see a trend among leaders, just like you, taking a bolder, more courageous path. They are removing constraints, such as those of the government funding system along with their anemic results, and taking a customer-focused approach to health and socio-economic issues.

These leaders are experimenting with new revenue sources. They’re approaching each of their organizational assets, like events and marketing platforms, with strategy, efficiency, and agility.

For the first time ever, three leading nonprofit experts, Kathy Kingston, Gail Bower and Karen Eber Davis joined forces. During the expert panel, we shared our experiences with innovative leaders so that you can take a more enterprising approach to your nonprofit leadership.

If you’re like many executive directors, board members and CEO’s you may have an urge to implode what no longer works in the nonprofit sector.

Organizations can no longer count on traditional revenue sources, yet the sector is still boxed in with antiquated approaches and guidelines. As a society we’re tackling the same intractable problems we faced 50 years ago, from poverty and behavioral health, the environment and civil rights issues, to finding reliable funding streams for the arts, education, and other important areas.

Are we addressing the systems or just the symptoms? From time and technology, talent attraction and time off, your bandwidth is on overload, and with your board, you weigh the risks and potential for a better way.

A new way is out there.

We call it Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership.

If you’d like to watch the online expert panel discussion, sign up here. It will be available for 2 weeks, so be sure to watch it now.

Plus, you’ll also receive a new complimentary Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Assessment plus a bundle of special gifts for you so that you can take bold new steps along your own entrepreneurial journey. Sign up here

Here’s what you’ll learn: WATCH the Expert Panel now

• The top five behaviors of entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders.
• Insights from the field: case studies of proven practices where nonprofit leaders get change right.
• How entrepreneurial leaders overcome the big challenges and reduce risks.
• The steps that need to be on your priority list so you, too, can move in a bolder direction and create an entrepreneurial culture around you.
• Plus find out if you’re ready to take on the entrepreneurial evolution with our new quick Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Assessment.

Sign up to watch the online Expert Panel here. It’s available for a short time, so be sure to watch it now.

Feel free to contact Kathy Kingston: 603-235-1196 kathy@kingstonauction.com

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