Wake-up your Tired Live Auction! Tips to Avoid Auction Fatigue.

Kathy Kingston engages a delighted Winning Bidder

How do you whip a live auction, keep it fresh and get those bid cards waving? Here are a couple of suggestions on how to run a successful benefit auction and raise more money.

A lively and energetic Live Auction makes for inspired bidders who spend their money happily for your cause. However, beware of the dreaded “Auction Fatigue” that can cause a your fundraising auction to be dull, boring and worse of all, seriously fail to bring in the money for your cause.

You recognize Auction Fatigue. It often occurs when the Live Auction is scheduled at the end of the event – when your guests are done and tired, they are ready to go home or even worse – GONE!  You’ll also recognize the effects of Bidder Fatigue because there were way too many silent auction items. (Hint: ideal 1:4 ratio – that’s one item per four guests.) Imagine your guests having to push into crowded lines to bid on silent items that do not produce much revenue.  What a waste.  Remember: 60%+ of your auction profits come from your Live Auction and Fund-a-Need. Start your Live Auction during dinner.

Focus on Your Mission. Ensure that your compelling mission-related remarks target your cause and show how you transform the lives of your clients and make a difference. It’s not the mission statement and it’s not statistics. Instead, tell a first person success story that showcases results. Be sure to strategically position inspiring remarks right before the Live Auction to remind supporters Why We’re Here! If you can effectively communicate this, it won’t be hard to wrap people’s hearts and minds around your mission and seriously increase your guest’s generous support.

Change Auctioneers. Retain a profession benefit auctioneer to bring in significantly higher revenue and keep your bidders engaged and energetic. Remember, investing in a professional auctioneer does not cost you money — in fact, you will generate more profits and make more money.

Change Venue. Or, if you have to use the same venue, change the set up and reorganize the room. If you’ve always entered with the stage on the right, put the stage on the left. Mix things up so that your guests are stimulated and have a different physical experience. This will make it a new and exciting event instead of just another annual fundraiser.

Use Music to your advantage. Try “Auction-tainment.” Choreograph upbeat and catchy music intro “a music bump.” It’s amazing how music strategically orchestrated at an auction can make it more dynamic and keep your guests focused, entertained and energized.

Lastly, add interactive revenue-generating activities, like Heads and Tails Game, Restaurant Sweep, Sign Up Boards, Golden Ticket, and Premium Dessert Frenzy.

Wake up your fundraising auction by using these innovative ideas at your next charity auction.

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