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Why Risk It?

What’s better than free? Something that makes you money!

A volunteer auctioneer could be the most costly expense of your entire event. Some may think anyone with a strong voice and a sense of humor can lead an auction. Unfortunately your non profit will never know how much money a volunteer auctioneer has left in the room.

A professional auctioneer, especially one who specializes in fundraising auctions keeps up the tempo, adds new revenue streams like Fund A Need and will make a huge difference in your bottom line. A professional benefit auctioneer’s “art” is to know how to spur on bidding and the exact moment to say “sold.” In this economy, why risk it?

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Keep up the excitement throughout the many months of auction planning. Support each volunteer: write thank you notes; call each one personally to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts; provide refreshments at all meetings and auction night. Solicit sponsors to cover volunteer meals. Make sure they are well fed! List each volunteer in the catalog. Hold special prize drawings and have fun!

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