The Power of A Thank YOU!

Did you know that A PROMPT MEANINGFUL THANK YOU inspires donors for increased and continued contributions to your great cause?

At our recent National Auctioneers Association Benefit Auctioneer Summit, Penelope Burk, international donor research and philanthropy expert shared her compelling results for donor loyalty and increased generosity over time.

Her research shows that donors who were thanked personally within 48 hours of their gift, with a phone call or left on voice mail much much much much more likely to give again and increase their gift! And, donors who did not receive this phone call were far less likely to give again. *

How can YOU do it too? It’s actually quite easy and profitable. Burk suggests that nonprofits simply ask your board members to call each donor (regardless of gift value) to say thank you. Here’s her script: Hi, this is Mary Smith, a volunteer board member. I’m calling you say thank you sincerely for your generous gift at our benefit auction fundraiser. It means so much because your contribution funded … (be very specific of where the money raised will go and what is accomplished) Thank you so much again!

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* Burk, P. 2019, August. Session presented at National Auctioneers Association Benefit Auctioneer Summit, Palm Springs, CA.

What about YOU?

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If I can ever help you or a colleague or friend, I’d love to hear from you. I always offer a complimentary consultation. Referrals are the greatest compliment.

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