Special Video Invitation from Kathy


What a summer of creativity! I’m just back from an amazing watercolor workshop in remote Seldovia, Alaska – only accessible by a thrilling water taxi with a humpback whale escort as a bonus!

Plus, I’ve launched a new schedule of benefit auction classes so you can achieve breakthrough results now. Are YOU ready? Read my previous blog post for hot auction planning tips.

I’m excited to invite you to my NEW monthly Tele-Seminar Series: Blow the Top Off Fundraising Auctions. Learn in the convenience and cost-effectiveness of your office or home. Click here for super early bird pricing.

I’ve hand-selected powerful Tele-Seminar topics that maximize profits in this new economy:

  • How to Recession Proof Your Auction
  • How to get Silent Auction to produce Loud Results
  • 5 Techniques to Inspire Donors to Throw Money
  • And much more… Click here for all classes…

I’m invigorated for auctions! Call me to learn how you can increase YOUR income with our pre-auction consulting, fall workshop and dynamic tele-seminars.

Kathy Kingston

PS: BONUS: Receive special pricing, 2 free Tele-Seminars and my e-booklets if you register for the Tele-Seminar Series now.

PPS: SPECIAL BONUS: Win a free 1 hour consultation for your Auction Committee with Kathy if you are one of the first 5 to register for the entire Tele-Seminar Series.

PPPS: Feel free to forward this to a friend and a colleague who you think would benefit. Register now at HowToRaiseMoreMoney.com

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