Sound Advice for 2010

“If auction attendees can not hear, they will not buy.”

This key lesson from my auction school bears even more truth today. “Benefit Auction Quality Sound” is absolutely critical to raise maximum money at your fundraising auction. As you continue to evaluate your event expenses, know that contracting a professional sound company is a solid investment for your auction success.

Here’s why: To raise money and awareness about your cause, absolutely, every single guest must be able to hear clearly at BOTH the silent and live auction. Remember, fundraising auctions produce lots of extra noise with guests talking and dishes clanking etc.

SpeakersHiring a professional sound company is even more important when you factor in your Fund a Need. Remember, there are potential donors all over the room who will participate ONLY if they can hear and become engaged in your special appeal. We want them riveted to the inspiring emotional testimonials about your great cause. Benefit Auction Quality Sound makes it possible to get those bid cards waving!

Here’s how to avoid a common mistake and not to lose money really fast. DO NOT rely on the venue’s built-in house sound system, band or a DJ sound system – none of these are acceptable for your fundraising auction.

Maximize your Revenue!

  • Hire a professional sound company
  • Get several written proposals
  • Require a sound technician for the entire event
  • Schedule a sound check 3 hours prior to doors opening
  • Insist on plenty of quality speakers on stands
  • Surround your audience with speakers
  • And, remember sound for your Silent Auction too

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