Riveting Remarks Raise More Money

“It’s not what you are bidding on,
it’s what you are bidding for.”
~Kathy Kingston

Ever wonder how to start your live auction so you can raise more money? Design a special moment right before your Live Auction. In this even more competitive fundraising environment, it’s vital to prepare your guests to be generous.

W W H. Why We’re Here!

Here are a few tips to create your WWH moment. Immediately before you start your live auction, communicate the impact of the donors contribution with brief inspiring remarks (1-2 minutes max) to raise more funds and to further engage your donors.

Prepare. A month or more before the event, start working with the person who is going to “make your WWH inspiring remarks.” Help them understand that their remarks need to be about the transformation, benefits, results, and impact of your non-profit organization. Creating purposeful remarks will make a huge difference in your momentum. Be sure that you personally approve all the remarks to be made your benefit auction event. (And time all the remarks with your stopwatch too.)

Avoid this common costly mistake. Coach your speaker not to make statistical remarks, such as, “We serve 100 at-risk youth,” or “We taught 2,347 kids to read.” Having speakers who share transformational results about your organization, however, will inspire your audience to give generously. Try this: “In our organization, our youth musicians have improved their grades at school. They’ve all been accepted to college. They’ve had the benefit of high-quality music instruction, which has transformed their lives.” This will rivet the audience in a way that numbers and statistics cannot.

Be sure to conclude your WWH with this expectation: “And that is exactly why we are here … to raise as much money as we can to support our great cause. And to help us do just that, please welcome our auctioneer.” Then immediately introduce your auctioneer and let the generous and spirited the bidding begin!

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