Profitable Summer Homework for Fundraising Auction Committees

Create a Post Fundraising Auction Gala Donor Engagement Plan

Just as your development staff, volunteers and gala committee members have planned and executed countless plans and details before your fundraising gala, designing and enacting a detailed follow up donor engagement plan after your event is even more crucial – and lucrative.

Summer is a great time to commit to writing your POST event donor engagement plan.

This takes fresh strategies, commitment and outreach year round. The ultimate goal is to inspire your guests and donors to choose YOU as a top charity of choice and to stay with your great cause now and into the future.

Create a new culture of philanthropy with your benefit auction as a catalyst.

Fundraising galas, auctions and charity benefit events, when strategically designed, are a superior way not only to identify new donors, but to engage your supporters and continue working with them after your event, showing them what an incredible difference their gifts make to your great cause.

Why is a post event donor engagement plan vital?

Research shows that seven out of ten donors don’t give a second gift. Keeping your your donors is a vital and relatively low cost strategy to increase fundraising and inspire year round support for nonprofit, school or NGO. Strengthening your vital relationship-building program that is less costly than donor acquisition and engages your leaders, board members and key stakeholders in meaningful ways.

There is huge value to creating and executing Post Fundraising Auction Gala Donor Engagement Plan.

Here are some top ideas to you can raise more fund and engage more donors.

  1. Create a Post Fundraising Gala Donor Engagement Plan
  2. Show your sincere gratitude immediately and continually
  3. Design and time effective communication with your donors year round
  4. Focus on communicating the impact and outcome of your donor’s gifts
  5. Personally reach out to invite guests to be further involved with you
  6. Empower and educate your board, staff, sponsors and volunteers on ways they can actively participate in donor engagement and retention.
  7. Leverage and integrate your donor management, fundraising event software and donor analytics and metrics into your Post Gala Donor Engagement Plan

Investing the time and energy now is an investment that will pay interest long into your future. When you create a Post Gala Donor Engagement Plan you will attract and retain your donors year round and transform event guests into loyal long term donors.

What about YOU?

If you have more great ideas about raising the bar for your benefits, galas and auctions, drop me a note or call me 603-235-1196.

If I can ever help you or a colleague or friend, I’d love to hear from you. I always offer a complimentary consultation. Referrals are the greatest compliment.

Contact:   603-235-1196   Thank you!

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