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Kathy energizes Waterford Country School guests

Kathy energizes Waterford Country School guests

One question I’m often asked is “How can I bring in big bidders?” First, let’s explore why audience development is paramount. In this economy, I believe auction committees must fixate on “putting the right people in the room” to make more auction money.

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Although procurement of great auction items remains a priority, filling your venue with the right bidders is more critical to your success. Why? Let’s face it; when you attract auction guests who have means and motivation they will drive bidding over the value on each item – whether it’s a South Africa Photo Safari or a Sock Monkey.

Further, it’s absolutely critical that your guests have the capacity to give generously at your Fund A Need Appeal, since not everyone wants or needs a Silent or Live Auction item. Fund a Need offers your guests another superb way to support your cause.

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Here’s an often overlooked first step. Position your auction as a cultivation event and a major “power networking” occasion. Audience development is best achieved through targeted outreach and careful guest list creation.

Here are a few tips to reel in Power Bidders:

  • Personally invite those who strongly support your cause
  • Identify your top 20 bidders for the last 3 years. Phone them to personally invite them. Be sure to write a handwritten note on the auction invitation.
  • My favorite: personally engage your vendors

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