Jump Start Your Auction Planning

A benefit auction, well planned and smoothly orchestrated can raise thousands of dollars and increase donor loyalty. Even in this challenging economy, our clients have achieved amazing breakthrough results. One key common denominator is no mystery: Superb Pre-Auction Planning.

Kathy consults on Auction Planning with Tockwotton Home

My favorite organizing secret: schedule every single Auction Committee meeting for the entire year. Ask everyone to write each date and time in their calendar during your very first get together. (This tip alone makes you super productive and saves hours of crazy scheduling.)

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Here are some key auction planning dates to focus your auction team during this vital six to 12 month planning process:

  • Select your auction date: ASAPSolicit Auction Chairs & Committees: ASAP
  • Retain and involve your Auctioneer: ASAP
  • Secure your auction venue: ASAP
  • Write your Auction Master Calendar: ASAP
  • Hold exciting Kick-Off: 6 months out
  • Send Save-the-Date Card: 2 to 6 months out
  • Mail Invitations: 60–90 days prior to event
  • Email announcements: once per month
  • Deadline for Auction Items: 1 month to 2 weeks out
  • Request Guest RSVP: 7–10 days out
  • Print Auction Catalog: 7 days out
  • Send Auction Preview letter/email 7 days out
  • Follow Up: personal phone calls are the best
  • Provide healthy volunteer food at all your meetings
  • Have fun and keep your sense of humor

Bring Kathy Kingston’s extensive experience, innovation and motivational energy to your Auction Committee, Staff, Volunteers and Board with PHONE or IN-PERSON CONSULTATION. Contact her: kathy@kingstonauction.com 603-926-1919

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