How to Raise More Money with Silent Auctions

Round Tables and Eye Catching Program Images Insure Silent Auction Success!

We’ve all been to silent auctions that don’t produce excitement and just don’t bring in top dollar for your non-profit cause. Silent auctions are a lot of work for nonprofits, so maximize what you are doing at your charity auction to raise the most money and get the profitable auction results you want.

After 25 years of conducting benefit auctions and observing silent auction bidding behavior, I know the proven methods to increase auction profit and excite people to bid high and what doesn’t. Maximize your charity auction profit with some on my best silent auction tips:

Elevate Auction Items
Did you know that fundraising auction bidders typically shop 10 to 15 feet away from the silent auction items they’re bidding on. When silent auction tables are jammed end to end and everything is lying flat, that means nothing is easily visible to your silent auction buyer. Use boxes to build and raise the displays so they can easily be seen at a moderate distance through throngs of people at your next fundraising auction.

Stagger Tables to Create Flow
Don’t line up the table around the room at your next benefit auction. When all the tables are lined around the room, your auction guests form the ‘conga line’ to view silent auction items. If someone wants to bid, they create a “pile up” and the unseen force of people behind them makes them move forward without bidding. That translates to money leaving the room and your non-profit loses valuable income.

Spread Your Auction Items Out
At your charity auction, two  people need to be able to stand in front of one silent auction item to bid with comfortable space. Make it easy to be generous. When guest have space to view the silent auction items, they are able to be  generous with their money.

Create Aisle Space
In your silent auction, think about the width of four bodies. No one walks alone during a silent auction. They’re always walking and talking to a friend, so make middle aisle wide enough for two people to walk without bumping into somebody.

Following these simple tips on space management during your silent auction event will produce the money-making result you want to benefit your non-profit cause.

A Final Fundraising Auction Tip
Be sure to have your auctioneer announce and promote your silent auction item closings to generate bidder excitement and revenue.

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