Want to double your live auction revenue in just ten minutes?

Kingston Auction Team Goes To The Dogs. 4 Future Guide Dogs for the Blind with Auctioneers Kathy Kingston, June DeLair, D Byers and Steve Schofield.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind had a stunning success with their Fund A Need for their unparalleled “Heeling Autism Program.” We raised $50,000 in 5 minutes!

Having premium auction items is only one part of a successful fundraiser. One of the most exciting and profitable ways to raise money at a benefit auction is called the fund-a-need appeal.

Sometimes called fund-an-item, fund-a-mission, or fund-a-cause, this is an opportunity for your guests to give straight cash for an important project or service that you may have as part of a very specific appeal during the live auction. Some of your guests might not want or need particular items you’ve procured. Maybe they didn’t get a silent- or a live-auction item they bid on, but because you’ve done such an amazing job of connecting them to your cause and cultivating a relationship with them, they want to give—they want to make a difference. This is your opportunity to make everyone in the room a generous donor.

The fund-a-need is a critical and vital part of fundraising auctions today. To be successful, you must follow a very specific way to craft every step of your auction to make that important connection to your guests as well as to maximize revenue. Give a 59-second appeal including a pitch of your non-profit’s mission and a testimonial or first-person story.

Here are some key tips for designing your inspirational 59-second appeal to catapult your fundraising efforts. First, and foremost invite your guests to be generous. Begin by saying:  “We are here tonight to raise as much money as we can for “your specific reason for the funds.”  Next, choose a person who can tell their first person story that underscores exactly why you are raising the funds. Do not use facts and figures. Think about this: when people go vacation, they don’t buy the plane, they buy the destination. Focus on the transformation that happens due to your service or program. Ask unabashedly for your supporters to give at a level that is meaningful to them.

If everyone stays focused on generating revenue, this can be one of the most inspiring parts of the evening, and it keeps your guests talking for many days and months after. The best thing is that everyone loves an amazing opportunity to give and make a difference.

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