Happy October 10, 2010!

I’m gathering friends for a 10-10-10 supper tonight. 

We’re all bringing a dish that has a ‘ten’ in it.
So far we have pork tenderloin and chicken tenders. Plus, I’m serving dishes with the top ten super-foods!

Why not join us virtually? We’ll round out our goals for 2010 and discuss insights for the next 100? (By the way, we won’t see 10/10/10 for another hundred years.

Have fun!
Kathy K

PS. Join me for my Fundraising Auction Tele-Seminar Series.
We start on Thursday, October 14th. Our topic is “How to Recession-Proof Your Fundraising Auction”

Register now at www.HowToRaiseMoreMoney.com

I hope to hear you on our call!

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