Fresh Ideas for Auction Sponsorships

Kathy energizes seminar students with her interactive style.

Kathy energizes seminar students with her interactive style.

Are your auction sponsorships down? Since sponsors ARE a special link to your continued success, here are some great tips from our recent fundraising auction seminar.

  • Change direction: Transform that “no” into future sponsor support.
  • Cultivate long term relationships. Your loyal sponsors really want to help, but it’s tough times for some right now: As much as sponsors care about you, they may not be able to support you as they have in the past.
  • Be kind to your sponsors in this economy – they WILL come back to you when you honor and thank them for all they have done in the past.
  • Create a “new package approach.” Stay close to sponsors who can’t offer their usual monetary support to include:
    • A monetary donation that is meaningful to the sponsor
    • In-kind support
    • Their unique influence to bring in additional sponsors
    • Donate items for your auction

You’ll have a chance to “practice your sponsorship pitch” and receive personal feedback and performance coaching by me. Please join me, USI and other sponsors at our next Seminar  “Auction Success in a Down Economy”, scheduled for November in Boston stay tuned for the exact details.

Special THANKS to USI New England, our Presenting Seminar Sponsor who has introduced unique leadership in these volatile times.

USI New England works closely with non-profits to help provide insurance and risk management protection for their assets, employees and clients, allowing them the ability to offer critically needed services within the communities they serve. In addition, as part of their commitment to non-profit clients, USI’s partnerships include hundreds of volunteer hours with fund raising, special events and projects. At our last auction seminar, USI New England’s leadership offered the opportunity for over 80 non-profits critical strategies to achieve auction success in a down economy.

“Kathy’s workshops have given our non-profit clients hope and profit making methods in an economy that can only be described as dismal. They’re fun, interactive and filled with ideas that can easily raise thousands of new dollars, year after year.”

-Gail Feinstein, Vice President, Community Relations, USI New England

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