EPIC FUNDRAISING AUCTION TREND: Excellent Fund-A-Need Appeals Outperforming Live Auctions!

Kathy shares high performing Fund A Need techniques at her seminar. Photo credit: Gail Feinstein

Are you optimizing this HUGE Benefit Auction Trend? Do you know that many Fund-A-Need/Special Appeals are now raising strikingly more than Live Auctions!

This most profitable trend of the new economy is reverberating all across the country.* Are YOU completely leveraging this HUGE income stream? Literally this is the most IMPORTANT 10 minutes of your entire auction fundraiser!

For example, just a several weeks ago, we raised 11 times the money in Fund-A-Need more than our client’s Live Auction. AND, a Fund-A-Need ONLY event is not unusual. Consider that I raised in excess of $100,000 with a first time event with no auction – exclusively a compelling Fund-A-Need!

Let’s examine why? Many guests are giving generously – but giving strategically at the same time. Let’s face it, not everyone wants or needs another Silent or Live Auction item. Instead of focusing on competitive bidding – leverage your Fund-A-Need Special Appeal, your guests embrace the collaborative giving spirit to support your nonprofit’s transformational programs and services.

What is a successful Fund-A-Need?

Simply, it’s a special opportunity for your guests to raise their bid card at a level that is meaningful for them. A 100% cash tax-deductible gift to support nonprofit services and programs. Most importantly, it’s is preceded by a first person testimonial story or emotional appeal that underscores the needed project or service.

What can Fund-An-Item do for your auction?

  • Raise money on the spot.
  • Generate thousands of dollars in 10 minutes.
  • Inspire guests to give cash during a fast paced appeal.
  • Increase participation at many levels of giving.
  • Increase loyalty to your cause.

You can rivet your guests and focus on your great cause at the same time. Ensure you do not leave money in the room by not capitalizing on the best practices.

What’s in a name? Fund-A-Need. This approach has endless options: Fund-an-Item, Fund-A-Dream, Fund-the-Future, Fund-A-Camper, Fund-A-Cure. Fund-A-Scholar. Fund-the-Hope! Be creative and reach out to raise more funds than ever before. Adapt it to your great cause.

However you must incorporate just the right touch of art, science, business and theatre to in your leverage your “FUND-AN-ITEM” to ensure increased auction profit. A strategically designed and conducted Fund-A-Need will inspired untold generosity. Poorly planned will bring predictable disappointing results. Why risk it?

Quick Tips

  • Select a your much needed special project or program
  • Conduct during your Live Auction
  • Engage your Board, Auction Committed and Donors
  • Deliver brief, inspiring remarks to showcase your project.
  • Involve your auctioneer.
  • Invite guests to raise bid cards at various levels.
  • Start with high levels of giving to low.
  • Thank everyone immensely!

Remember, this is the very best way to leverage our New Economy and cultivate donors for long term giving! Follow up, follow up, follow up. Use this innovative, high performing benefit auction method. Fund-An-Item, a proven charity auction winner. Use these strategies and tips to help you propel your Fund-A-Need light years ahead!

And remember, your Auctioneer must now be an expert in helping nonprofits design and conduct the all important Fund-A-Need, where revenues often more than double Live Auction proceeds.

Auctioneers: It’s up to you! Are you ready you to master your Fund-A-Need and advanced revenue enhancement methods so you will fully support your nonprofits?

Please meet me in Scottsdale December 14 & 15 and transform your fundraising skills and your benefit auction business. Where else can you find this level of innovative, individualized fundraising auctioneer coaching? Spaces are limited, please sign up now! Special early-bird pricing ends TOMORROW!

(*National Auctioneers Association June 2011 research study on Fundraising Trends and the Benefit Auction Business.  This survey reports that almost half of auctioneers reported that their Fund-A-Need profits equal or exceed our Live Auction proceeds.)

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