Don’t let Benefit Auction Bidders Fall OUT of Love with you

In the spirit of Valentine’s season, I wanted to peak your awareness about vital fundraising auction planning mistakes that can decrease guest enjoyment, decrease giving and worst yet, loose a potential donors.

Don’t let benefit auction guests fall out love with you and your great cause!

Are you inadvertently doing irreparable harm without even knowing it? Could dated ways of conducting your fundraising auctions cause loss of precious dollars and donors? What are the worst errors you can easily avoid in charity auctions today?

Here are a few questions to ask your auction committees and board as you are planning your auction so you can avoid these 7 deadly benefit auction sins!

Fortunately, all of these problems are EASY to REMEDY!

  1. Do you create an amazing party but forget all about the fundraising?
  2. Do your guests know exactly what their gift will fund and what good it does?
  3. Did you create frustrating bottlenecks in the silent auction and check out?
  4. Do you kill momentum and subject your beloved supporters to long boring speakers?
  5. Is your Live Auction/Fund A Need at the end when everyone is tired or worse – gone?
  6. Do your centerpieces turn your venue into a cornfield- sightline nightmare?
  7. How much money and momentum do you loose by asking a VIP or volunteer to be an auctioneer?

Are you nodding your head?

And there are even more..Listen to my latest Podcast. Create a vibrant, fun and profitable benefit auction event where all of your guests fall in love with you and are inspired to give generously!

Listen to Kathy’s podcast….HERE

Need more help?  Kathy can consult with your committee, staff and board to customize your fundraising auction event to maximize your benefit auction now. Contact Kathy:  603-926-1919

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