Capture the Spirit of the Heart

Do your guests fall in love with you at your benefit auction?

Fundraising auctions provide an extraordinary platform for cultivation.

Even in this challenging economy, I have witnessed amazing success stories. Do you know the #1 factor of auction success in this new economy? Engage your audience emotionally in how you make a difference. Your guests will bid more if they are passionately connected with your great cause.

Do you want to learn more in-depth techniques to rivet your guests and ignite giving at your next auction? Please join me for my new Boston workshop on March 17th: “Integrate Events into your Dynamic Fundraising Plan”

Many people are giving generously, but to fewer organizations.

Remember, your auction guests are a captive and receptive audience. Now is the best time to deepen your relationships with your guests by sharing your passion. Design your auction to enthusiastically focus on your mission and invite support.

Here are some tips to optimize fundraising and engage your auction guests:

  • On all promotional materials, clearly state where the funds are going and how they can make a difference.
  • Make a new rule: Everyone who makes remarks must say why they love your cause and ask others to support you.
  • Include an inspirational Fund-A-Need.
  • Thank and provide feedback to your donors immediately.
  • Follow up with all your giving friends.
  • Don’t obsess on the color or your table napkins
  • Participate in our workshop.

Let’s capture the spirit of the heart and make Auction Day Valentine’s Day year round.

Red Rose

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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