Are your bidders inspired or tired?

Kathy's latest kayak adventure on the Charles River, really!

Kathy's latest kayak adventure on the Charles River, really!

I’m so ready to kayak! So, I zipped over to The Paddle Show at Kittery Trading Post. I love discovering new kayaking techniques, scenic hot spots and cool gear, including my new super-light graphite paddle!

How do you stay current with innovative auction ideas to maximize your fundraising efforts? Just ask me.

What’s your toughest benefit auction challenge? You can ask your top question and join me for my next “Ask Kathy Kingston” Free Tele-Seminar on June 17th.

Always BIDhi!

Kathy Kingston

PS: Email me for the secret location of this gator.

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Inspired! Not Tired.

How much money do you lose by allowing long boring speeches that put your guests to sleep at your benefit auction?

Inspire your guests to bid higher and donate more to you.

Here are some more ideas to craft your fundraising pitch from my presentation last week at the Association of Development Officers of Westchester NY. Kudos to ADO; what an outstanding fundraising conference! And, watch for my new workshop: “Perfect Your Pitch™!”…coming this fall.

Try my new “No BS” (No Boring Speeches) techniques to motivate and engage your bidders and donors to new giving heights.

1. Make a new rule. Everyone who touches the microphone must say why they love YOU. You can even say Kathy Kingston suggested it.

2. Tell an inspiring true story.

3. Ask.

4. Limit everyone’s remarks to less than 2 minutes. (Did you notice that I did not say speech?)

5. Coach speakers how to lift the audience with short inspiring remarks about what your non profit means to them – personally.

6. Insist on a ‘Run-Through and Sound Check’ before your doors open.

7. Place a trusted volunteer “timer” in front of the stage with a red card that reads 30 seconds.

8. Thank your speakers for being part of your amazing Fundraising Team.

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