5 Tips for Understanding what Auction Items Sell Best

Sizzling' BBQ auction item breaks record at $22,000 - TWICE! at Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue Benefit Auction in Connecticut.

Have you ever wondered what high-performing items to have at your fundraising auction that have people waving their bid cards and bringing in record-breaking amounts? Let me share with you 5 easy tips.

It starts with studying your with your previous auction results. Look at your auction data from the last several years. Who bought, how much, and what items brought in over 100% value? This will give you a good idea of how to get auction items your guests want and respond to.

Ask your previous top bidders and donors on a phone call or in person, “What would you love to see auctioned off? What’s your advice? What’s working? What’s missing?” You will be surprised at the information you get when you communicate on this level.

Engage auction guests by knowing your particular audience well and matching the items to their needs. Are you working with youth groups or art and culture groups? Do your guests buy sporting event tickets or opera tickets? Study your top 30-50 bidders, and look at what they’ve historically bought.

For example, a theatre group might enjoy and bid high for a Broadway or London show package and a youth ski team will be more interested in a bidding on a sport’s item.

What kind of items are hot right now? What items often bring over 100% of value? Here are the best sellers right now:  a unique experience, trips, dining experience, sporting events, major concert or show tickets, and anything that is exclusive, sold out or is you can only get at your auction.  When working with school auctions, those class gifts and experience do very well – like a lovingly made class quilt or the first grade cookie jar with thumbprints of each child in the class, individually initialed or making cupcakes with Mrs. Smith the beloved sixth grade teacher.

Pre-promote items before the auction. Advance promotion on items is paramount and gets excitement and the bidding to price to climb! Just recently, a BBQ experience for 40 people by a top ‘pit-master’ sold for $22,000! Before people came to the auction, they were talking about it. One bidder was even heard before the event as saying, “I am so going to get that BBQ!”

That $22,000 BBQ experience sold twice! Who wouldn’t want their next auction experience to sizzle like this?

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