3 Secret Summer Fundraising Auction Tips

It’s August – your magic time for fundraising.

NOW is the perfect time to turbo charge your live auction and find new donors. Summer is chock full of vacations, special trips, unique experiences, get-togethers and back-to-school activities. So while you, your board, committee members, volunteers and staff are enjoying the rest of summer, be sure to ask for live auction items and invite friends old and new to your fundraiser.

Here are your 3 August Fundraising Action Items

  1. Procure high profit live auction items now

Think about it, you’re enjoying fantastic summer trips, unique experiences and get-togethers. Ask yourself: would this experience match our auction guests and donors? So, activate your auction procurement team and board now. Now is the perfect time to go to the owner and ask them to donate to your auction where you just spent money!

  1. Personally invite generous guests now

This is the time of year where we spend a lot of time with our friends and families and meet new people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk about how much you care and support your great cause with others. Be sure to activate your gala committee and your Board of Directors and staff to invite guests who are passionate about your cars/mission and who can be generous in your live auction and Fund a need.

  1. Share your passion for your cause now

In these wonderful late summer days, where you meet so many new people, share your favorite inspiring story that showcases impact of your organization. Remember the first rule of fundraising: “People give to people for things they care about.” Your enthusiasm is contagious, so capitalize on this special summer time to engage more people around your cause and to invite them to your fundraising auction gala.

I would enthusiastically like to hear from you with your ideas and questions.

If you’d like to take your benefit auction, gala and fundraising events to the next level and while attracting new loyal donors, feel free to contact me: kathy@kingstonauction.com  603-235-1196.

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