Giving Back is Good Business

Giving back can be a differentiator.

In today’s world, people care that you care about something. While boosting your business brand, your strategic charitable giving drives life changing impact for causes you love. Greater still, when you engage your family and employees as leaders in your giving strategy, you enhance life-long family learning and solidify employee loyalty. Plus, you’ll feel great too.

The Kingston Fund Gives Back

The Kingston FundTen years ago I created The Kingston Fund as a memorial tribute to my parents Winifred and William Kingston. When my nephew and seven nieces were ages 6-20 years old, I wanted to provide a unique opportunity for my nephew Arley and seven nieces, Megan, Alysha, Molly, Brianna, Erin, Lexi, and Lindsey, to give back and to learn how philanthropy works from the inside. All eight comprise our Board of Advisors who discuss the needs of various charities and allocate our annual grant funding to areas that are important to them: helping abused and sick kids, supporting hospice, and strengthening families in need. In addition to learning about philanthropy from the inside, we also focus on important life skills like decision making, financial literacy, leadership, negotiation and collaboration and the impact of giving back to causes we love. The Kingston Fund is a donor-advised fund of the Cape Cod Foundation. A huge thank you to Kristin O’Malley, CEO and her staff for supplying us with incredible knowledge of the community and who is needing funding for their impactful work.

During my two presentations at the Million Dollar Consulting Convention, I shared with entrepreneurs and business owners that regardless of your net worth, discover how easily you can establish and use your own donor-advised fund to benefit from this low maintenance, tremendously flexible charity vehicle.

Would it surprise you to know that THE top question from the audience of entrepreneurs and business owners was: “How can we find nonprofits to fund?”

And what about YOU?

Find New Loyal Donors

Are you looking for a new donors and innovative revenue sources for your organization? Look at donor advised funds from your local community foundation. If you are a nonprofit or school, get to know your Community Foundation for additional grant opportunities. The professional staff know their donors and are familiar with advisors and philanthropic wishes of those who have donor advised funds. Your community foundation can advise you on funding available for your specific causes.

For example, for our family fund, the terrific staff at Cape Cod Foundation is excellent in introducing us to new nonprofits and special projects in the areas that are near and dear to our hearts, such as helping abused and sick kids, supporting hospice, and strengthening families in need. Our board of advisors at The Kingston Fund love receiving personalized grant requests for special causes we fund.

Consider communicating with your Community Foundation to let their leadership know more about YOU and that you are seeking new donors at any level. You’ll be glad you did.
Consider Starting a Giving Back Program for your Business

Discover how you can easily establish and use your own Donor-Advised Fund to benefit from this low maintenance, tremendously flexible charitable giving vehicle. You can check with your local Community Foundation. Here is the link for the Council on Foundations Community Foundation locator:

Inspire Others and Yourself

How can you give back to your community for something you deeply love? It’s really not that difficult. Select a cause that impassions you. Research the cause on the web, call them, and talk to staff and volunteers. Get involved in a way that’s meaningful for you. Best of all, you’ll feel really good, too.

(Hint: When you feel confident and positive, you’ll attract more positivity and greatness into your life too!)

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