Do You Treat Your Donors As Donors?

“Your auction fundraiser is a new catalyst for donor retention.” – Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS

Auction time is donor relations time! Treat your auction guests as true donors, not just as event attendees. Be strategic. Design meaningful donor engagement into your auction event and beyond.

Did you know that giving is UP and that your donors want to contribute MORE this year to your great cause so they can make a difference.  Burk, P. (2014)

Wow! So how can you leverage this exciting donor trend? Give your donors what they really want and need to continue to support you not only at your auction, but for years to come.

Penelope Burk’s latest compelling research shows clearly that donors will give more, but only if you get it right. How?

Communicate the IMPACT of your donor’s high bids and contributions. Enjoy my article for three vital strategies to increase your auction profit and retain more donors.

  1. Engage your board and stakeholders to personally visit with your guests during cocktail hour/silent auction, at the dinner table and after your auction. Share stories, new results and program successes.
  1. Say thank you right away. Within two days (really) assign your board members to call donors and personally thank them for their gift. Sincerely appreciate the generosity of your auction bidders and donors. This is a brief heartfelt message of gratitude – not a time to ask for more funds.
  1. Keep donors meaningfully informed year-round. After your auction, be sure to send them specific information on where and how their donation is being used to further your great cause. Burk’s new research clearly shows that that donors will give more after they receive measurable information on the progress and results of their gift.

*Burk, P. 2014. Cygnus Applied Research – Where Donors are Taking Their Philanthropy in 2014

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