Why Nonprofits Retain Benefit Auctioneers

Do you know the number one reason that a nonprofit or school or charity will retain a professional auctioneer? The answer might surprise you. Nonprofits more than ever need their auctioneer to be an ambassador for their cause, to meaningfully engage and inspire donor generosity from the stage. Why is that? Well, in this economy nonprofits count on professional benefit auctioneers more than ever. The clients they serve have been the hardest hit from some of this tumultuous economy and that is why I have created an innovative auctioneer training that is called Beyond Bid Calling.

 No longer is it just enough to sell some fancy dinners and exotic trips at a live auction. Professional benefit auctioneers now must really be skilled in communicating the mission of the organization, how guests can become engaged and how their donations can help transform lives and change communities and that is why I have created the workshop so I can offer a personalized coaching and really hands-on case study focus looking at how to enhance your fundraising performance skills from the stage. We are going to be talking about working with nonprofits, looking at increasing your competency in fundraising skills, looking at consulting techniques for nonprofits and committees and boards, and also the all important piece of being an ambassador and being entertaining without having to be the entertainer and that is all underscored by raising more money than ever, creating awareness and engaging your guests so they have a great time and feel wonderful about their contribution.

 These are some of the things that we will cover in our new Beyond Bid Calling workshop and that will be on December 14-15 in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.So I hope you will join me for Beyond Bid Calling. We hope to see you there. Please keep this in mind that seats are very limited due to the nature of this class so I would encourage you to register as soon as possible and if you have questions feel free to contact me at Kathy@Kingstonauction.com.

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