Perfect Your Fundraising Pitch!

How to Turn a 2 Minute Speech into Thousands More Dollars


Kathy conducts Community Women's Orchestra's Chamber Music Soiree Auction in Oakland, CA

Imagine: Every guest riveted to your speaker’s inspiring story?

Result: Bid cards waving with 20% or more new revenue.

Bonus: Dozens of happy new donors

Leveraging your first-person testimonial story is imperative to prosper from an uplifting fundraising pitch.

Art, science and theatre are key in this often overlooked method to ask for money (graciously) from your auction or event stage. Try these tips for a stunning fundraising appeal at any event:

  • Select a compelling snippet of a first-person story
  • If possible, ask the person to tell their own story
  • Write out exactly how this person or animal was transformed
  • Focus on the benefits and results – not statistics
  • Get out your stopwatch
  • Distill it to 118 seconds (that’s right)
  • Ask your speaker to read and practice their remarks
  • Conduct a run-though on site with the microphone
  • Place the story immediately before Fund A Need Appeal
  • Imbed 3 “asks” into the story to focus on fundraising

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